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Liz has been such a huge help to me with sorting out my tax return and setting up as a microentrepreneur in France - I'm so grateful I found her! She's been helping me for a few months now and I've been highly impressed with her service - professional, informative, responsive, fair prices and a pleasure to work with. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others seeking hand-holding support with bureaucratic matters in France. Thank you Liz!

Becca, Paris, France


Having attempted to navigate the French visa application process ourselves, and after a false start with another hand-holder, we contacted Liz to assist with our move to France. Our situation was complicated as one of us was to continue working for a UK company, and the dossier of information required was unexpected and quite daunting. Liz provided fantastic assistance in helping us compile what was necessary, and our applications sailed through.

During the next three months Liz helped us with establishing bank accounts, internet and mobile phones, all of which are absolutely crucial if you want to get anything done in France.

Our inability to speak a reasonable amount of French has hindered us, but Liz has come to our rescue with incredible speed each and every time.

I cannot stress enough how difficult our transition would have been without Liz, and we feel very lucky to have found her. Our journey is far from over, and we will be leaning on her heavily with complete confidence for some time to come.

Steve and Wendy, Prayssac, France


Finding hand-holder Liz is one of the best things to have happened to us since moving to France. Liz has helped us tremendously, offering clear and well informed advice thanks to her extensive knowledge of the French system. Advice and help is always promptly delivered with a caring attitude and we could not be more grateful for having found her.  We can't recommend her services enough...this is one hand-holder you won't want to let go of! Thank you for everything Liz.  5 Stars!

Helen and Matthew, Fayence, France


Liz was such a great hand-holder from start to finish.  She really knows her stuff.  Heaven knows how we would have navigated the French system without her as we hadn't got around to even learning the language yet.  With all the will in the world, there is so much to do when you move countries that sitting down to study a foreign language isn't on the cards for quite some time after arriving.  She really goes the extra mile and takes pride in helping her clients.  I thoroughly recommend Liz and the support she can give to British expats in France.  French matters offers brilliant value for money as well as the confidence of having somebody who really understands the French system as well as being truly bilingual.  Invaluable.

Louise, Creuse, France


You have been amazing - we could not have done this without you. You have helped so much and relieved us of so much extra stress with getting everything in order with paperwork in France.  Can't recommend your hand-holding services enough Liz.  Thank you, you have been great.

Lynda and Paul, Creuse, France


When I met Liz and pointed out the list of struggles I was facing with French bureaucracy, immediately she gave me that ultimate relief I'd been hoping for, while leaving me with a clear mind, more time, positivity and energy to focus on possibilities and opportunities while she almost instantly fixed many of the issues hands on. With her professionalism, great care and true dedication, not only did I find myself moving forward again, but actually gained even more opportunities than I realized I had. Liz has been a real life saviour and I feel truly blessed to know her. I highly recommend her services for anyone still struggling on their own.

Rebecca, Le Châtenet, Cieux, France


I would like to thank Liz for all the hard work she did to ensure the application process for my 'Carte Vitale' went smoothly and was stress-free. Liz's approach throughout the process was highly professional and efficient. She was courteous and attentive to my needs at all times, responding quickly to any concerns or issues I had.

Liz was also very thorough and detailed leaving me with the impression that 'no stone was left unturned'. By the end of the process, I was very confident in Liz's ability to 'get the job done' and at a very reasonable price.

My family members recommended Liz to me and I'm so glad they did. I don't know what I would have done without her. She's a star.

Daniel, Guéret, France


I am very grateful for the assistance of Liz and the help to navigate the French system. I found her professional attitude and no-nonsense approach refreshing and I highly recommend her hand-holding services.

Paula, Valençay, France


Part 1: My elderly mother who lives in France was recently widowed, and for the first time had to deal with tax returns and other official matters. As I am personally UK-based, it was a great concern to me how she could be
supported to handle all of this.

I found Liz through a Google search, contacted her and received a speedy reply. She has been absolutely marvellous at dealing with mountains of paper work in a quick and efficient manner, all to very tight deadlines.

As my mother is quite deaf, Liz has been so considerate in making face-to-face meetings and
guiding my mother through a tricky time.


I had previously had a bit of a nightmare with people not doing what they promised, so I cannot tell you how much having Liz deal with these things has helped.


In the end, the value of a good professional efficiently doing their job I feel is well worth paying for. Just peace of mind, not having to beg favours from neighbours and friends is definitely not to be underestimated. 

It has been such a relief to know she was ‘on-the-case’ and can be called on for help any time in the future. Thoroughly recommend. Thank you, Liz.

Part 2: 'Credit where credit is due'
I initially contacted Liz seeking someone just to help my recently widowed mother make her French tax return. However, I did not predict then how invaluable her ongoing involvement would be in helping me negotiate all the myriad of tasks needed in the process of moving my mother back to the UK.


She has supported me with the mountains of paperwork, companies needing contacting and admin involved in closing down all my Mum’s affairs in France. Even now we are back in the UK, Liz has continued to smooth out all the loose ends that inevitably remain on our behalf. Just an email to Liz and a seemingly complicated problem is straightened out. I really cannot imagine the stress we would have endured if I had not been able to call on Liz’s services.

Jenny, UK


Dear Liz - belated thanks to you for your superb work on my tax. You seemed undaunted by the masses of files etc that I couldn’t have faced up to but understood instantly what you were looking at and for...not to mention the distractions my little wooffy family presented you with. I know how relieved Jenny felt when she realised how competent you are.

Once again a million thanks and knowing you are there gives me great comfort when my moments of insecurity strike.

Annette, Bellac, France


For two years after my partner died I struggled with French bureaucracy. I needed to get the bank account into my sole name - two face-to-face meetings with my bank manager where they agreed to do this but didn't. I also needed EDF and my internet supplier to put the accounts into my name, numerous phone calls and emails - with no joy. Then I was put in contact with Liz.  She's worked miracles and also organised my carte vitale, assurance maladie and a doctor.  

Ever cheerful and a joy to work with. I can't thank her enough.

Gill, Ovier, France


Liz at French Matters has helped us with visa renewals,  carte vital and car registration and has been the difference between us floundering on the sea of French government bureaucracy, or as it turned out successfully negotiating these murky waters.......Bravo Liz, much appreciated

Richie and Kat, Neuillac, France


I'm so glad I found Liz...aka Wonder Woman ! She has the tenacity and professionalism to deal with whatever is thrown at her and is currently helping me with my 'battle' with the infamous 'French red tape'...thank you, Liz !

Stanton, Annecy, France


Wouldn’t know what to do without you Liz!

Steve, Prayssac, France


Liz was recommended to me by a friend. After a negative experience with another hand-holder, I can't express how happy I was to have found her! Super efficient and easy to communicate with, Liz got my business registered and
auto-entrepreneur status sorted out swiftly and without complication. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Liz and I will definitely be using her services again. Thank you Liz!

Emma, Cahors, France


We contacted French Matters and Liz promptly replied. We required assistance with the new government housing forms. This was after several attempts to complete these online, and as usual, French bureaucracy prevailed. Liz not only knew what it was all about but cut through the bureaucracy with consummate ease and directed our response to the relevant office (this was after a spot of our thoroughly English queueing at the local tax office!!) After this was completed we became aware that we had been given incorrect information from the same tax office! Liz dealt with this with ease and also resolved the situation for the future. All in all, Liz is someone we can't recommend highly enough. Her knowledge of the various French departments is fantastic. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference, and we certainly feel that Liz, as a French national, certainly knows the ins and outs of these departments.
Bill and Dee, Haute-Vienne


My absolutely eternal gratitude to you and thanks that I followed my gut feeling from your first response

(out of several hand-holders I contacted) to engage your services. You have made everything so much easier and any issue always had a way forward with no drama! 
Jenny (moving from France to Brighton, UK)


We contacted Liz after her being recommended to us. We are moving to France in July, and we needed help with our visa application, Liz made everything so easy and has done everything for us which has taken such a massive stress off us. Nothing is too much and if we have any questions, Liz is more than happy to help. We will be looking to set up a small business and will definitely be going back to Liz to help us with setting up a Micro-entrepreneur. 
Thank you so much 

Laura and Ryan, Swansea, Wales, UK


Liz was extremely helpful and guided us expertly through every step of the visa process. She helped with everything from logistics to translating documents. She was always very quick to respond to any queries and was able to offer advice based on her knowledge of the French system, which was very reassuring. We're very grateful for her help and expertise - I honestly don't think we'd have got through the process without her guidance! 

Anna and Will, Pech-Luna, France


Liz leads you through the twists and turns of the French administration system with complete calmness and confidence. Her help and advice were invaluable in navigating my way through the URSSAF website as I set myself up as a microentrepreneur.  You feel very safe in her capable and reassuring hands. 

Angela, Bellac, France

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